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Reviews of The Little Wooden Table
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National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Reviews of
The Little
Wooden Table
Early Childhood News Directors' Choice Award
From Parade® Magazine:
"While many children's books rely heavily on color pictures, The Little Wooden Table, by Bryna Notrog ($14.95) gets by very nicely on neat line drawings by Marilyn Smith Romeiser. The attractive illustrations actually are in keeping with the simple story of a little girl who spots a bedraggled wooden table at a garage sale, falls in love with it, buys it for a few pennies and installs it happily in her bedroom. No monsters, dragons, personal crises or psychological problems -- just a realistic, cheerful tale very nicely told. Come to think of it, if you want, you can color in the pages yourself."

Reprinted with permission from Parade, Copyright © 1997

From The New York Times:
"The black-and-white illustrations and simple text express aspiring innocence, a bit of magic and great satisfaction. A real 'feel good' good book for parents and teachers to read to young children."

Copyright © 1997 by The New York Times Co. Reprinted by Permission

Julia Busch, So Young! wrote:
"An exquisite reminder that everything in this world needs to be respected -- from a little girl's dreams and inner vision to a discarded table that comes to life with love. A book to be cherished by young and old, it gave me the thrill chills I get when I encounter a basic truth of our universe."

Joyce W. Milkie, from The Times and Democrat,, had this to say:
"This little, but very powerful, book will be a 'must' for parents as well as children ... Truly, this neat little book is a treasure. It is a life lesson, it is beautiful to look at, hardcover, and it's enjoyable to read. And read again."

Keith Garland e-mailed:
"I (as Grandpa of Katie, Lauren and Meg) sat right down and read the story -- and before it was over there were tears of happiness in my eyes. How sensitive the tale, how perfect the illustrations (haven't seen as good since Make Way for Ducklings (the story about the Boston ducks that I've held precious since I was 7). ... thank you for keeping story writing alive ..."

From James FX McLoughlin, Full-Time Dads Magazine:
"Many books, mostly on parenting, or mens issues are sent to FTD for review. I usually pass them along to someone I believe would be most interested in the topic. This was also true of The Little Wooden Table.

"I passed it along to my four year old daughter. Meaghan's reviews are quite simple; either she goes to the bookshelf to pick out an old favorite, or she says 'Read it again, daddy, please.' The Little Wooden Table received the highest possible rating, one word, 'Again!'

"It is a sweet story about a young girl rescuing an old table from a yard sale. I can tell you that the story is told in a simple, easy manner with soft and attractive line drawings that enhance, rather than detract from the words.

"I can tell you that children will enjoy having this book read to them, and will enjoy reading it themselves. I can also say that I was pleased that the story included a dad. He was not the central figure, but the father was included, not ignored. I can talk about the book's high quality and workmanship. I can, because all of that is true, but the best thing I can say about this book is to quote my daughter, 'Read it again, daddy, please!'

"Get The Little Wooden Table, and hear those words yourself."

From Adreinne Sioux Koopersmith, The Eventologist of the 21st Century®:
"Pleasant dreams and little girl schemes, hope and ideas are at the heart & core of what brings this book to life. The Age of Innocence is truly redefined as well as "found and bound" within theses pages ... this book has many nuggets of wisdom ... Not only should this book be embraced by librarians and teachers alike reading it to their classes, but is a must have for parents to read to their kids since it concerns itself with topics both can relate to. Lengthwise, The Little Wooden Table © 1997 can be read within a short period of time and the effect is one of happiness and light-heartedness, two (2) elements that will definitely last and linger for a lifetime ...

"On a scale of 1-10, The Little Wooden Table is a ten (10). Essence, illustrations, prophetic story line, moral and a happy ending are all the vital factors that give its readers a really memorable time that they will wish to share. For all these reasons, I am positive readers of the present (& future generations) will agree with me that: 'Bryna Notrog is the current-day Mother Goose.'"

From The New York Antique Almanac:
"... The book is also a wonderful book for children of antique lovers because it shows the beginning of love for an old, used table by a child. We recommend it most heartily..."

Chad Young/Nashville Parent wrote:
"The Little Wooden Table is a delightful tale of one little girl's passion to find the beauty and value in something that no one else can see. The simple yet inspiring story also embraces the beauty of childhood imagination which all readers can relate to. The delightful illustrations coupled with the meaningful tale will strike a familiar chord in the heart of each reader. The Little Wooden Table is sure to become a classic in your child's library."

From The Children's Bookwatch:
"Highly recommended for young readers, and older readers will enjoy it as well!"

From Middle Georgia Parenting: "It is an unusually optimistic book for children of all ages."

National Parenting Center Seal of ApprovalReviews of
It's Raining Whisper
From Dawn Eden, Argus Observer
"'Whisper' rains enchantment. What do children see up high in the sky when it's cloudy or raining? What do children think of when they see the stars twinkling at night? "It's Raining Whisper" is a beautifully illustrated children's book which uses both of these images to stretch a child's imagination with star families living in houses in the sky and young stars making friends with the clouds... The illustrations are of a colorful, magical city where star families fly kites, play with each other and talk together..."

From Arlene Shovald, The Mountain Mail
"It's Raining Whisper" is a whimsical children's book by Bryna Notrog....The story is a wonderful, imaginative tale..."

From James FX McLoughlin, Full-Time Dads Magazine
"A familiar tale of a family pet lost reaches a new plateau when the pet is a cloud and the family are stars. A sweet and touching story, with illustrations that brighten the imagination. On the Meaghan Scale, It's Raining Whisper also garnered the highest rating "Read it again daddy!" And surpassed by her little brother who sat absolutely still for the whole story, and has interrupted the review twice by running off with the book. But the greatest praise comes from their mom, who having listened in from the other room while I completed the first reading, insisted on reading it the second time. Ms. Notrog is at her magical best delighting both the young and the less than young."

From Elisabeth Sherwin, The Davis Enterprise
"Finally, in a return to the realm of pure fantasy, "It's Raining Whisper" is about a naughty cloud named Whisper who runs away from his family in the sky. Of course, there is a happy ending for children to remember when they look up at the night sky."

From Faye M. Dasen, THE PILOT
"Young ones will enjoy hearing what happens...."

From Dorothy Kerns, The Menard News
"Share the magic of It's Raining Whisper. It is written by Bryna Notrog who authored The Little Wooden Table, one of my all-time favorite children's books. Both are published by Zipper Press, Inc...Only the finest quality materials have been used in their books to meet the test of time - and children who really enjoy their books."

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